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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabulous Bag!

I am fairly new to scrapbooking. Being a detailed person, I am still on my first book and I started it a year ago! As I am getting more into the art of scrapbooking, I have found that one can accumulate quite a few "supplies" rather quickly.  I needed a bag that would be great for organizing all the little things of scrapbooking (ribbon, stickers, tape, scissors, etc.) and all the big things as well (pictures, paper, the actual book, etc.). I was looking for a bag that I could easily keep all the things I need for this one book and more. A bag that I could just pick up and go to scrapbook with friends!

I know that I am asking a lot! Well, I found it!

It is this great organizing utility tote by one of our favorite finds, Thirty One Gifts! Katie Leach is an independent consultant for Thirty One Gifts. You can check out her listing here! It is perfect for my scrapbooking accessories, as well as many other things. I have the grey, black and white polka dot (there are a multitude of color and design options and you can get it monogrammed!)

It has mesh pockets on each side, and deep pockets along the front and back! Really, it is great! Here is the link if you want to order one for yourself. Oh! and They are April's Favorite Find! So, be on the look out for the deal coming this Friday!

Here is mine stuffed with all my goodies!

Happy Shopping!


P.S. I also got the zipper pouch to match!

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  1. I love thirty one!! So many fun designs and bags!