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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We are excited to share with you one of our recent favorite finds~ Football Tees! They have just joined the FAVORITE FIND team in our online directory of local finds.  They have the cutest tees for women and toddlers. Check out their listing on our DIRECTORY. We passed one of the tees on to Sarah McNeil (a Favorite Finds Review Editor). Check out her review below of Football Tees!

"I am a Fitness professional so for most of my day I am up and about doing things.   I’m in the office, teaching exercise classes, setting up games for kids, and much more.  Football Tees are super comfortable, lightweight and breathable.  My tee shirt was so comfortable to exercise in!  It was cool so I didn’t get too hot working out and it didn’t ride up as I exercised.  The best part is - it doesn’t shrink when you wash it!
Football Tees are so cute and would make the perfect outfit for the upcoming football season!  We all know those afternoon games can get pretty hot as we all pack in to watch the Tigers play!   What a great find – a cute shirt that you can wear to the games, that won’t make you super hot as your sitting in Tiger Stadium!  
The tees are fitted so if you’re like me and you wear a different size at every store you go to, I would recommend ordering on the larger side of your size because I think the shirts run small.  Whether you’re cheering for the Tigers or the Saints this fall, Football Tees has the perfect shirt for you.  And if you are cheering for both teams, then you might just have to get two Football Tees!"


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