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Friday, September 23, 2011

Best Blanket, even have one for a Tiger Fan!

About 3 weeks ago, I got a blanket from Baby Beulah, planning to use it as a baby blanket. I have to share it with YOU!

Baby Beulah creates custom keepsake blankets for you and your little ones. They use only top quality materials and embroider before sewing the layers together for a more quality product.

Of course, when mine came in the mail, I washed it first before wrapping my little one in it and it washed great! It looked the same as before I washed and still felt extra soft and cozy.

My baby loves her Baby Beulah blanket! I have tried so many different things to calm her when she gets fussy and one of the only few things that actually helps is wrapping her in this blanket! She loves it!

AND, here is the kicker..... my blanket is tiger stripes on one side and purple on the other. Perfect for LSU Game Day! My little girl looks so cute all bundled up in it when the Tigers play! And of course, everyone wants to hold her and they all comment how soft the blanket is.

These blankets are not just for babies. They come in all different sizes! I'm thinking about ordering some for graduation gifts and Christmas presents. I also have a baby dedication coming up, I think I may order one for that precious baby.

Baby Beulah has all types of colors and patterns. So you can personalize your blanket any way you want. They even do monogramming!!!! Which makes any blanket extra special.

Baby Beulah is definitely one of my FAVORITE FINDS and she is offering Free Shipping for all Favorite Find Shoppers. Just use coupon code BRFVFINDS at checkout!

Click here to start shopping... http://www.brfavoritefinds.com/category/childrensboutiquesandcustomclothing.htm

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